New Monitor test results reveal 25% more unique names

If you’re not using MCH Monitored names, you are missing 25% of your potential market.

MCH Monitor ServiceWe have just received the results from a customer who compared 76,700 of our Monitored names in selected job functions to the equivalent names from a long established education mailing list source.

They examined the MCH “New-to-School” names that were added to school web sites from July 15, 2013 to March 2014. These names are not the traditional selection which means new to the MCH database; these names were not on the school web sites a month earlier and appeared the next month at which time they were added to the MCH database. In other words the majority are truly new-to-the-school.  MCH provided 4,212 of these names.

The balance, 72,488, were names that had been verified as still being on the schools’ websites in the 40 days prior to when the list was delivered by MCH in March. MCH calls these Monitored names.

The results of the comparison are dramatic.

  • Of the New-to-School names, 46% were unique to MCH.
  • Of the 72,488 Monitored names, 23% were unique to MCH.

Remember, these unique MCH names were all verified to be on the schools’ websites a few weeks before they were delivered by MCH in March. The likelihood that they are not valid is vanishingly small.

What does this mean to you? Obviously, if you are not using MCH’s Monitored names, you are missing a highly significant 25% of your market. Let’s extrapolate a bit. 76,700 records is a significant test. As of May 19, 2014, MCH has 2,420,000 Monitored names. If 25% are unique (and we know they are valid), there are 605,000 unique names available from MCH right now! It is highly doubtful that you would be able to get these names from any other compiled source. And they are selectable by all customary selections like detailed job function, school type, and enrollment among many others. Plus, the number of Monitored names is only going to grow and the rate of change will accelerate through July, August, and September.

Don’t you owe it to yourself and your company to test these names NOW?