Every action you have with a customer or prospect is an opportunity. At MCH, we're committed to helping you make those connections with the institutional market in a meaningful way. We provide the highest quality education, healthcare, government and church data to drive your sales and marketing efforts. Uncover new opportunities and grow your business with MCH data.

We provide the highest quality education, healthcare, government, and church data to drive your sales and marketing efforts.

Data services

Data Services

Our data services range from data purchases, licensing, easy-integration, hygiene, and analytics. We know that having accurate data is a must in today's ever-changing environment. That passion for accuracy has fueled our ability to innovate and revolutionize the institutional data business. Whether you are a sales and marketing veteran, or new to the industry, our consultative approach is designed to meet your needs.

MCH Global Data Services

Email Services

The Channel_e™ team at MCH is dedicated to helping you get into the coveted inbox. We'll consult with you on best practices and deploy campaigns on your behalf. This includes monitoring daily activity and providing you with insightful analytics and reporting.

MCH quality data is available on demand and on the go.

Data Delivery & Integration

MCH offers a variety of ways to deliver data. You have the ability to choose what is right for you. Need data on demand? Want to increase your data velocity? We can help with our turnkey solutions that integrate with CRM systems such as Salesforce™ as well as marketing automation platforms such as Marketo™.

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Data Counts

Conveniently search our data by industry. MCH is committed to internal and external audits of our data to ensure we maintain quality, coverage, and accuracy.

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Our Story

MCH has over 85 years of institutional data experience. Our data is updated continuously from hundreds of sources, including U.S.-based phone verification. Sales and Marketing professionals use our data to uncover unique opportunities in the education, healthcare, government and church markets.

The MCH Difference

Data when, where and how you need it.
Turn-key integration with CRM and marketing automation systems.
Near-real-time compilation and verification.
Tenured team committed to learning and growing your business.
Systematic third party data audits to help maintain quality standards.

What people are saying about MCH Data

I love working with the MCH team. Great data with professional, friendly service.

— Kathy Stivaletti, lakegroupmedia.com

MCH Strategic Data has been a great partner for Money.com's "Best Places to Live" feature, supplying hospital and doctor data.  The content is extremely well organized and easy to integrate with the spatial analytics processes we use to evaluate potential best places in the US.  MCH's high level of data quality and expertise with this content makes them a pleasure to work with."

— Peter Goldey, Founder of WitLytic

We partnered with MCH Strategic Data on our 2016 Vision K-20 survey because it’s a trusted, member company. We were able to leverage their valuable expertise and use their reliable data to promote our survey to thousands of educators.

— Karen Billings, Vice President, ETIN-SIIA

It’s difficult to find purchased data that is representative of global government data. The coverage and accuracy of MCH’s data was representative of the total number of Pre-K decision-makers in the country.

— Kristen Harmeling, Yougov.com

Our call center campaign was greatly improved at program onset due to the quality and accuracy of the data MCH provides.

— Christina Karabetsos, Executive VP QCSS