Near Real-time Updating is an Opportunity for Near Real-time Marketing

A very interesting season is upon us. For nearly a year now, we have tracked the results of our new monthly updating process. Through that process we have been able to measure the seasonal hiring of new teachers and other school staff. As expected, July, August, and September are the months of greatest change but major staff changes happen throughout the year.

After one year’s progress, we have covered about 50 percent of the K-12 market, including 50 thousand schools and 2.5 million school staff. We can see the pace of new staff additions has started to increase – from a low of 7 thousand in April to 8 thousand in May, and 12 thousand in June. Within the first two weeks of July, another 12 thousand educators were added. Schools are updating their websites with new names at a rapidly increasing pace, even at this exact moment!

Marketers are presented with a new opportunity – they can reach out to the new staff as soon as they want. Obviously the names in these schools are being added before the schools open for next year. Yet there is a big question that looms: Are these schools a relatively few, highly organized outliers or do they represent the mainstream?

Let’s start by looking at when the kids go back to school. About 50 percent will return to school in the two weeks beginning Monday, August 18 and Monday, August 25. The rest are spread before and after those two dates as seen in the chart below. You can see that Monitored schools and not yet Monitored schools have the same pattern.


Over next few months, I will analyze how the new names we discover correlate with the data above. If we can identify how the majority of schools operate, then we can draw conclusions about the optimal time to drop K-12 mailings, and how to take advantage of emails to new K-12 teachers in order to establish your brand before your competitors.

Timing is everything is it not?

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