Impacts of Hurricane Irma

On the heels of Hurricane Harvey, the United States is preparing for yet another tropical storm likely to affect the state of Florida.  Hurricane Irma is expected to bring devastating winds to much of the state, regardless of the exact track of the center.

As a result of the storm, USPS operations have ceased in certain zip codes. The situation may also impact email delivery to institutions located within those areas.  Due to this situation, MCH has created a file of impacted zip codes and will suppress those (upon request) from orders we fulfill. MCH will be monitoring daily updates provided by the USPS and will revise our suppression file to reflect those changes.

We also encourage you to monitor the daily updates provided by the USPS by visiting the link below, and clicking on the “Mail Service Disruption Report”  link on the right.

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact your Relationship Manager at 800-776-6373.