The Benefits of Giving Back

At MCH Strategic Data we strive to give back to our local communities through various projects. Our headquarters are nestled in a small rural town with a small population. Our rural roots run deep and one of the ways we look out for each other is by hosting a community blood drive. For years MCH … Read More

The Long Tail of Email Marketing

Email marketing messages generally have an impact for a limited time.  This is generally a few days- while recipients receive, open and read their email.  There is an additional impact of email marketing that I think of as the long tail of email marketing. In the world of website marketing, long tail distribution describes the … Read More

MCH Strategic Data Creates New Business Unit That Solves Complex Technology and Integration Issues for Clients.

MCH, a Microsoft Certified Partner, builds customized, affordable technology solutions that empower their clients to fully realize the power of their quality data. Driven by market demand, MCH has expanded their product and services offering to include affordable technology development solutions.  For almost 90 years, MCH has been a leader in B2B data services, but … Read More

Using data and analytics to find your best customers

Today, businesses face immense challenges and fierce competition.  They are trying to stay competitive in crowded marketplaces.  They are also trying to understand their customers and find more customers in an efficient and cost-effective way.  Businesses also have access to more data today than they did in the past.  Marketers can see real-time results from … Read More

Becoming an Email Investigator

Finding the Right Clues is Critical to Email Success Get to Know Your Audience—Below the Surface For the past few years, responsive email has been at the top of email marketing best practices for good reason. With record percentages of people using mobile phones and devices, it seems that nearly everyone is reading their email … Read More

Efficacy in Data Management

In a data first world, it’s paramount to stay ahead of the curve. More and more opportunities to collect, analyze and utilize data exist in today’s world. The optimal result of all that data is that your business has the vision to embrace the data and do something with it. An improved revenue stream is … Read More

Data is Compiled and Verified in the United States

Our data is compiled and verified in the United States. In an era where call centers and data compiling is often done overseas, MCH Strategic Data has made a concerted effort to keep their research and verification practice right in America’s Heartland.  For Peter Long, CEO of MCH Strategic Data, it’s simply the best way … Read More

Big Data – Embracing Quality Data

Data Quality is Important in the Era of Big Data Today, the K-12 education sector has embraced big data.  But, this acceptance, for many companies, has resulted in bad data.  In fact, bad data has become more and more commonplace.  Companies have embraced new technology, such as cloud computing and analytics, all in a rush … Read More

MCH Reveals Data-Driven Insights on the State of K-12 education

For years, MCH has had a pulse on the education industry. Not only does MCH maintain the most updated K-12 education database, but they also spot and track marketplace trends and reveal data-driven intelligence on the sector. Educators talk candidly about spending, technology needs, and their most prevalent concerns. According to Angela Ridpath, VP Marketing for MCH … Read More