Webinars Double the Value of Your Marketing Dollars

Would you like to double the value of your marketing dollars?  Webinars are the secret to doing just that. And if you are good, you can more than double your dollars.

We tend to compartmentalize our marketing plans with separate line items for email marketing, conferences, social media, lead generation, and marketing research. Launching an ongoing webinar program can help you integrate these channels, at a very reasonable cost, and accomplish many of the goals for your programs in these areas, all in one.

Webinars are virtual conferences and online marketing rolled into one, but the number one directive is, “Don’t sell!”  If you were invited to host a panel at a prestigious education conference, would you use that opportunity to sell?  No! You’d want attendees to think you’re the smartest, most insightful, and knowledgeable person at the conference. You want to capture the imagination and trust of your audience. That’s what’s going to make them take notice of you and the brand you represent.

edWeb.net has been helping organizations host webinars – edWebinarsTM – since 2010 and has clearly demonstrated the value of this online media channel as one of the best ways to leverage your marketing dollars and help you gain thought leadership, marketing insights, and leads all at the same time. An ongoing webinar program also generates valuable content for all of your marketing, sales, social media, and customer communication programs.

We host all of our edWebinarsTM in online professional learning communities on our edWeb.net network. Our sponsors host these growing learning communities of educators and serve as a source of leadership and information, but also as facilitators to help educators engage with each other, across all boundaries, so innovative ideas can spread faster.

They key is to focus on providing valuable professional learning opportunities for educators in these webinar programs. In fact, edWeb provides CE Certificates to educators who attend our edWebinarsTM live or watch them on demand. All of edWeb’s programs are free for educators and we average over 800 viewers per program.

So that gets us to the benefit that companies often focus on first – leads. Webinars are a great way to generate very high quality leads, but you have to give to receive. But when you provide a valuable online learning experience for educators, on a topic that is aligned with your product, but don’t sell, you cultivate an enormous amount of good will, and get a high volume of leads that you can move along the path to conversion.

Last but not least is CONTENT.  The content of your webinar programs can be presented by inside experts, authors, consultants, customers – it’s a great way to feature and give recognition to the important educators in your community. Educators are so generous in sharing their ideas and knowledge, and truly love participating in these programs. edWebinars feature “live chats” throughout the presentations that are a font of knowledge and resources for all participants. The content generated by your webinars can be leveraged as video and articles to feed your content marketing channels. Many media outlets are looking for valuable content these days. edWeb articles are frequently published by key education media, providing a great source of free PR.

As you’re contemplating your marketing and sales plans and budgets for the next school year, think about how an ongoing webinar program – a series of engaging, virtual webinars – can help you get more bang for your marketing dollars. edWeb provides a turnkey program that includes program management, marketing, and reporting, so you save on time, too!

To learn more about how your company can implement a webinar program, contact an MCH Relationship Manager at  info@mchdata.com