Webinar: School Marketing Game Changer

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 School Marketing Game Changer Webinar, May 20, 2014

There has been a significant breakthrough in the compilation of K-12 data. This new process can dramatically improve the results of your direct mail and email marketing campaigns.

Educators are constantly on the move. They change schools, grades, subjects, and/or move in and out of the market literally every single day. For years, compilers began gathering data from the first school on their list and did not revisit that institution until they finished surveying all the schools on their list. With over 100 thousand schools and more than 5 million educators, postal and email lists had a significant lag from real time.

A new process recently developed by MCH enables school marketers to close that gap which is yielding substantial improvements in the performance of promotion campaigns.

During this webinar, Bob explained how this game-changing compilation method can help you achieve higher direct mail response rates and email open rates. In addition, he answered key questions including:

  • Why recency improves ROI
  • How to apply recency to educators lists
  • When “remailing” isn’t the best strategy
  • How schools’ websites are impacting the market
  • Why you have a one-time opportunity to get ahead of your competition

About Your Presenter:
Bob Stimolo is president and founder of School Market Research Institute (SMRI), a full-service direct marketing agency specializing in the education market. Bob helps plan, implement and analyze the results of hundreds of school market promotion campaigns each year. Bob is a practitioner, not a theorist, and will share his vast marketing experience through the course of this program.

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