Webinar: The Pot of Gold at the End of the School Year

The Pot of Gold at the End of the School Year

Listen today! B2B marketers eat, sleep, and drink data. We are data driven, surrounded by big data, and seek to Paula Love, RFP Matchunderstand our customers through external data. What’s the secret to cutting through all of this data to determine what’s really important to closing business in 2014?

Dr. Paula Love, the funding doctor, shares how you can use focused data to unlock the potential of closing business before school doors close on June 30th.

Learn more about:

  • Year-End K12 Spending: Who is spending? How much are they spending?
  • 2014 Federal & State Trends: What is the funding outlook?
  • USED Strategic Plan: Impact on CCS, Professional Development, and Teacher Quality.
  • Infinite Access: Find funding dollars and who controls the spending.
  • Building relationships with education decision makers and the impact on your business.

Presented by:
Dr. Paula Love
Kirk Chritton, Executive Director, Infinite Access
Tammy Cook and Nancy Wilson, Cook Consulting

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