Quality Data Is the Foundation for Integrated Marketing Strategies

One of the most important elements of an effective integrated marketing strategy is quality data. When focusing on K-12 sales and marketing, using valid education data is key.

There are two integrated marketing strategies that utilize data to achieve positive results:

  •        Data-driven marketing

Data-driven marketing is based on market insight and analytics to target the right audiences at the right time. It fuels the decisions and is responsive to change. Although many different tactics are used, email is one the fastest and most engaging ways to reach an audience.

  •        Database marketing

Database marketing is also a form of direct marketing that utilizes the databases of current customers or prospects to generate personalized communication as a part of your integrated marketing strategy. The use of email is also effective in promoting a product or service through database marketing.

Why data?

The right data assists in creating campaigns with the best messaging that will make an impact. Data can provide qualified leads, use marketing dollars more cost-effectively, and connect the right brands to educators across multiple channels for the best ROI.

Understanding how this can help build strong campaigns for your target audience will help create a strong foundation for your integrated marketing strategies. For more information, Contact MCH to learn more.