Updated Lists for K-12 Email Marketing

MCH Strategic Data offers verified, updated lists for K-12 email marketing, direct mail marketing, and telemarketing. Contact us today for a free quote.

Planning an email marketing campaign for schools in the United States? Source accurate, fresh data with updated lists for K-12 marketing from the data professionals at MCH Strategic Data.

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MCH Strategic Data has decades of experience in collecting, customizing, and analyzing data for institutions such as schools, colleges, hospitals, government offices, doctor’s offices, police stations, and other institutions. Our data professionals will work with you to understand the specific needs of your campaign, and develop strategies to help meet your goals.

Creating customized, updated lists for K-12 email marketing.

Creating a highly targeted email lists can help to increase conversions, and save funds. These segmented lists help you to reach the audience that is most likely to convert. For example, if you wanted to direct your campaign towards classroom teachers in a specific geographical location, type of school, size of school, or with specific school features, you can create a customized list to target those individuals. You can also segment your list by grade, or by job title, such as lead teacher, elementary teacher, middle school teacher, high school teacher, Montessori teacher, Head-Start teacher, and other titles. Consider directing your campaign towards decision-makers by selecting such job titles as Principal, Head of School, Assistant Principal, Activities Director, Dean, Head Teacher, Special Education Decision Maker, and more.

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