Unlock 21st Century Education

Technology is advancing so quickly that the future is here and now where public education is trying to catch up with industry and modern society. There is no question that early childhood education and STEAM curriculum are paying huge dividends in preparing our students with basic 21st Century learning skills to sharpen mental aptitudes earlier in their lives so they can be ready for jobs that will start to exist when they graduate 12 or so years later.

What is the future of education for 2016 and beyond? To help school administrators navigate 2016 in K12, District Administration will publish our second annual Outlook Report. Our editors will write stories covering major trends such as Common Core Curriculum/Standards/Assessments, Blended Learning, Professional Development, School Construction, Security/Safety and other related topics based upon original research that we are conducting now with our readers. Advertisers (new and current) are invited to participate and engage in the dialogue by working with our custom media group to insert thought leadership type ads into this special thought-provoking and uplifting January issue. January is also a great time to establish your leadership stake in K12 education and communicate your company’s position while promoting your brand to key educational decision-makers at the same time.

If you feel apprehensive writing a piece, or suffer from writer’s block (I feel your pain)–don’t worry. You don’t need to be an Einstein or a Vonnegut to compose a clever 500-word, full page opinion piece or a 250-word, half page story. Our custom media group offers many different alternatives, including ghost-writing your piece. We can interview your leader in a Q&A executive style briefing, you can commission us to write up a customer case study based upon a key school district sale and how they implemented your product or service to achieve success, OR the piece could be written like a professional business case study via problem/solution formula.  

Please contact me by 11/18 if you want to work with our custom media team to insert your voice in this well-read thread of discussion in our January issue where your message will appear in both print and digital editions, and will also be posted in the special reports section of our website. Regular display ads are also accepted in this issue if you wish to communicate a more visual message of your brand.

80% of DA readers surveyed in 2015 stated that their highest priority is to improve student outcomes while 52% favored their highest priority to implement new learning standards and assessments in order to prepare these future generations of job-seekers which parents and school boards are pressuring educators to do. School administrators can’t perform these Herculean tasks without the innovation and support of the vendor community; just like a democracy like ours can’t exist without active citizens going to the polls to cast their votes for their favorite candidates and their related platforms. Now is the perfect time for advertisers to interject their philosophies to influence Presidential candidates as well as offer opinions, suggest solutions and present new ideas to address these educational challenges school administrators face today and tomorrow.

If Amazon Prime can offer a creative mobility solution message in their recent TV commercial of helping a very cute dog with a broken leg get around a park with a doting master, I am confident that you can offer out of the box solutions to open-minded educational buyers struggling to improve and change the delivery of education.  If you want to dive into the “best educational practices” of schools today, check out our list of 176 Districts of Distinction honorees this year to see what innovations these forward-thinking superintendents have created in their schools that can be replicated in school districts nationwide. You can find the entire list at www.districtadministration.com/dod to inspire you. Nearly 20% of honorees represented the student achievement category. At the same time, if you want to connect your company to promoting exemplary innovation in public education, we are seeking a handful of select sponsors. Sprint was our inaugural sponsor in 2015.

Let’s work together before it is too late for generations of our children to compete.