Tips for the Modern Education Marketer

The education sector is crowded. I’ve often termed the industry as over-served. Educators are being bombarded with thousands of messages every day. Plus, they have access to unlimited amounts of research and information. It’s no wonder that many sales and marketing professionals are finding it more difficult to break through the noise.

Modern marketing calls for sound strategies built on accurate data. Connecting with your target audience isn’t enough. Serving up messages that resonate with them is just the beginning. Below are some helpful tips for the modern education marketer.

  1. Don’t talk at people: Sending out email communications is important. But, equally important, one must ensure that those communications are personalized and relevant.
  2. Outline business objectives up front: If you don’t track your marketing activities back to corporate business objectives, you are most likely setting yourself up for failure.  Opens, clicks, traffic, etc. mean very little if they don’t tie back to revenue, eventually.
  3. Put the educator in the driver’s seat: Educators engage across every channel, so you must let them choose their channel of preference. Preferences can change from day-to-day and week to week, so it’s important to capture trends over time. A good portion of the customer journey today is self-directed. So, it’s important to be present across a wide variety of touchpoints with a consistent message across different stages of the buying cycle.

Bottom line, in today’s world, pushing messages out to a group of customers and prospects is a tactic of the past. Modern marketing begins with quality data and a good foundation for your customer’s journey. Educators, in particular, are bombarded with thousands of messages and offers every day. In order to gauge interest and consideration, you need to create a personalized, relevant experience. Otherwise, you run the risk of being lost in the crowd and overlooked.