Territory management is much easier with quality data.

territory management Wouldn’t it be nice to have a crystal ball that could help you more accurately predict sales revenue?  When talking to sales leaders, some of the biggest pain points in creating successful sales environments include accurately defining market penetration and territory values and finding ways to determine predictable sales pipelines. Spotting trends and predicting outcomes are difficult when you don’t have a centralized data environment with clean, accurate data.


Meet Richard

Richard is a VP Sales Director for an education technology company.  His sales team heavily relies on salesforce.com to manage customer and prospect communications.  Even though Richard has built quite a few dashboards to help him visually discern how productive his team is, he is limited because he does not have a 360-degree view of the current market situation.


Richard is unable to draw the right conclusions as to why some sales managers see growth while others are not, and even more importantly why some sales managers are over-servicing accounts while others are spread too thin.  This is a result of not having the right type of data intelligence to properly and more accurately define a territory.


Why is Richard not able to draw more accurate conclusions? It’s simple.  The data in salesforce.com has gaps.

  • Inaccurate contact information for key decision-makers
  • Missing key attributes such as enrollment size, teachers by grade and even wealth score
  • Isn’t integrated with marketing performance, which is a key indicator of intent to purchase
  • Isn’t refreshed on a consistent basis


What Richard needs is to be able to ingest quality third-party data into salesforce.com that can help fill gaps, clean existing records while enriching the intelligence that drives dashboards and reporting.  Access to quality data can yield to territory management improvement, better sales and better retention.


If this scenario sounds familiar, DataLocityTM by MCH could be a solution for you.  Salesforce users can install from the Salesforce app exchange and ingest quality data with MCH attributes.  It’s a simple and easy way to gain the insights you need to grow your business.


For more information, contact info@mchdata.com or visit us on the app exchange here.