A Tale of Two Middle Schools

Every school has a story.

Every school has a unique personality.

Like snowflakes (frozen water), potato chips (spuds), and politicians (hot air), schools are all made from the same ingredients, but no two schools are exactly the same.

For a K-12 marketer, those differences greatly influence the likelihood that a particular institution will purchase your products. In the recent past, your ability to recognize key differences were fairly limited, but new tools like MCH’s Infinite Access reveal school and district traits like never before.

Let’s drill down into the backstory of two very different middle schools with: Jefferson Township Middle School in Oak Ridge, New Jersey, and Lone Rock Middle School in Stevensville, Montana.

To follow along on your own, click the school names above to view a free version of the Infinite Access profiles on our handy Find a School tool. That handy tool lets you search schools by zip code and view up to ten school profiles a day.

Revving up the RPM

First, let’s look at the buying potential of the two schools. MCH’s exclusive RPM™ purchasing potential algorithm is baked right into Infinite Access. This buying power index tells us a lot about our two middle schools. New Jersey’s Jefferson Township scores a “Very High” on the RPM scale for all schools, while Montana’s Lone Rock is pegged as “Low.”

The point is not that one school or community is better than another. Both schools are vital to their communities, provide essential childhood services, and certainly staffed by talented, professional educators. That said, the needs and resources of the institutions are different based on their demographic profile.

Two of the guiding principles of school marketing are that larger schools have more buying needs and schools in wealthy areas have more disposable income. Those factors are on display when you compare Jefferson Township and Lone Rock. Jefferson Township is a large middle school in an affluent area about an hour out of Manhattan. In contrast, Lone Rock is one of the smallest freestanding middle schools and serves a sparsely populated lower income area.

Climbing the School’s Family Tree

With Infinite Access its simple explore the district as a whole. Let see what we learn from a glance at each of the schools’ district profile. First, the Lone Rock district only serves students through 8th grade, with older students going to high school in nearby districts. With just 290 total students — smaller than some urban pre-kindergarten schools — the Lone Rock district simply has fewer needs and less disposable income than the Jefferson Township district.

A picture is worth a thousand data points

Integrated mapping, complete with birds eye view photos, allows Infinite Access users to quickly evaluate a schools potential needs.

The photos of our two sample schools show that Jefferson Township is a larger facility with extensive on-site athletic facilities. The building seems to have newer roofs and a substantial amount of asphalt parking lots.

In contrast, Lone Rock is a small, older facility. While it may have less square footage, it may be a better candidate for some maintenance and repair products. Lone Rock has a substantial gymnasium, but its needs for outdoor athletic and parking support are quite modest.

Jefferson Township Middle School

 Jefferson Township NJ

Lone Rock Middle School


What can your sales or marketing team learn from the data in Infinite Access? If you’re interested in taking a tour of schools, visit our Find a School site or request a free trial subscription to our professional edition of Infinite Access.