Student Travel Growth Tips

Are you looking to grow your market-share in the student travel sector?  It is important understand how decisions are made and how to tap into the right contacts at schools and districts.

Here are few strategies to help you uncover new opportunities: 

Tip: 1  Start with a clean list of teacher names  

Did you know that 93% of Student trips are initiated by the Teacher and 77% are responsible for choosing the destination?  They also spend a lot of their time planning and organizing these trips.  That’s why reaching teachers where they work and when they are making student travel decisions is so important for your success.

Tip: 2  Speed to market makes a difference

It’s all about quality data. MCH makes it easy to reach teachers faster.  Our cutting edge Monitor™ Technology, with the combination of dedicated education specialists, enables us to have the freshest K-12 contact data available.

Tip:  3  Build relationships before your competition

Reach new teachers before your competitors do.  Success in the travel business is dependent on building the right relationships. Start building relationships with new teachers, or teachers that have changed jobs before your competition.

Most importantly, you should build a relationship with a data partner you can trust. MCH is constantly refreshing education data throughout the year, you’ll have access to new and updated Teachers monthly!

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