Pre-K-12 Professional Development Market Forecast 2012-2013

Simba InformationListen to the MCH/Simba webinar, Pre-K-12 Professional Development Market Forecast 2012-2013, to learn more about the current status and future potential of professional development. The findings are based on a recent survey conducted by Simba Information and MCH Strategic Data.

The top responses to the survey question about what schools are looking for in Professional Development programs show 92% are seeking workshops with hands-on activities while 91% are looking for programs that utilize collaboration among a small group of professionals. Additional highlights include:

  • 84% said there is an established Professional Development (PD) program for new teachers.
  • 33% said local district funds were the primary source of PD funding.
  • 70%+ said PD programs were offered during summer and school vacations, during the school day, and before or after school.

Download a PDF of the presentation.