The Neuroscience of Learning

Science is shaping the K-12 industry.

The world of K-12 education is rapidly evolving. Teachers, students and parents are embracing new methods of learning and measurement. Many of these new methods involve the study of neuroscience. As a parent, I look at my own children and see vast differences in their leaning styles, and I’ve adapted my way of talking to them and teaching them to better suit their style of learning and retention.  I believe that each child is unique, and we must look beyond antiquated measurement schemes to embrace the science of learning.

Teachers are embracing games

Many teachers are embracing games to get students excited about subject matter. More importantly, gamification has taken skills and behavior that were once thought of as a disadvantage and turned them into strengths and competencies needed in the new economy. Scientists have even studied the brain activity of students involved in learning games to create adaptive products and experiences that work for individual learning paths.

Virtual Reality is becoming a Reality

In recent months, there has been an explosion of virtual reality products in the K-12 industry. This adaptive learning method combines auditory, visual and kinesthetic stimuli. There is little debate over whether this technique works. It does. However, educators are looking for solutions that are financially viable for their classrooms.

Coding is Critical

K-12 educators have adapted their mindset that coding is a skill that can be learned in just a few weeks. In fact, more and more teachers are of the belief that students should be set up for a lifetime of success, and coding gives them a base to become more creative.

Combining the study of neuroscience with education has in many ways forced the K-12 sector to come up with alternative ways to break through to the non-conventional student. More importantly, it has opened the door to new ways of measuring academic performance.

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