Monitor Service Update: Gearing Up For Back-To-School

Monitor Service Progress:

We continue to make progress with our revolutionary new compiling methodology, the Monitor Service, in which we update and verify all school personnel each and every month. The essence of it is that we check the schools’ websites each month and update our database with the changes we see, enabling us to get close to a real-time updating and verification process. The purpose is to provide marketers with the most timely and accurate teacher names and mailing/email lists possible.


MonthMonitored SchoolsMonitored PeopleSchools AddedPeople Added


Our coverage of schools stands at 41% and of names, 49%. We will never hit 100% because, believe it or not, quite a few schools don’t have websites or choose not to list their staffs on their websites. We use other means to collect and verify those names, but it is not done to every school every month like we do with Monitored Schools. Nevertheless, we believe we can cover considerably more schools than we have so far and will keep at it as long we need to. Below, our progress is shown in chart form:


Monitor Service Update

New names, I mean Really New names:

The table below shows the number of personnel who appeared on Monitored school websites for the first time each month. The data shows that the pace of new names added (and most likely the equivalent deleted) has started to accelerate in anticipation of the dramatic changes we expect to see over the next 3 months.

To be fair, one needs to look at the new names as a percent of all the names covered by the Monitor Service because the number of schools and names covered has grown also.


MonthTeachers Added


Monitor Service Update


Even though the percent of new names has turned up, “you ain’t seen nothing yet”. Look at September 2013 above. The 79,000 names added amounted to about 5% of the total Monitored names at that time. Even if we don’t cover more schools and names by September, which of course we will, 5% of our current Monitored name count is 125,000. I expect that August, where we don’t have good comparable numbers, will be significantly more than September. Think about the possibility of 400,000 to 500,000 fresh, new names in the next 3 months.

Speed Counts!

When I say speed, I’m talking about the time it takes for a name to appear on a school’s website to when it is captured and added to our database. We’ve tuned this process so a new name that appears on a website will be on our database within 5 weeks or less, sometimes within a week. Educational marketers have been asking me for the new-to-school names ASAP at the beginning of the new school year. It’s taken 30 some years and lots of technological advances to be able to say “Here they are! Come and get ‘em.” Welcome to the new world of accurate and timely K-12 teacher mailing lists and email lists. I expect you will be delighted.