Monitor Service Update: 2.5 Million Names Verified Monthly

MCH Monitor ServiceWe continue to make progress with our Monitor updating process. If you don’t recall, the Monitor service is a revolutionary new compiling methodology MCH is using to update and verify school personnel. The essence of it is that we check the schools’ websites each month and update our database with the changes we see, enabling us to get close to a real-time updating and verification process. We are making some adjustments to our process at present because the volume, 2,500,000 names going through a quite complicated QC process each month, started to slow down our throughput. We expect the number of Monitored schools and people to resume a stronger upward trajectory through the summer months.

MonthMonitored SchoolsMonitored PeopleSchools AddedPeople Added

The table below shows the number of personnel who appeared on Monitored school websites for the first time each month. There was quite a blip upward in January followed by steady decreases through May. It will be interesting to see at what point the rate of change turns up. I say rate of change because school personnel are also leaving as new ones are added. It is worth noting that while the number of new-to-school names has slowed (which is to be expected I think), 4,445 schools reported the 8,160 new names, less than 2 per school. Think about this from another standpoint. We reviewed 46,571 schools in May and verified 2,400,000 names to find 4,445 schools that added 8,160 names. Talk about meticulous compiling!

MonthTeachers Added

Clearly, changes are going on all year and a once a year compiling approach is not at all comparable to our new process. This process is yielding pleasing results to users of MCH K-12 email lists, K-12 mailing lists, and other forms of marketing to schools.

We will have many more stats as we move forward. Soon we will be closely watching other types of changes: deletes, email address changes, and job changes among personnel at the same school. All this data promises to be fun to discover and useful to school marketers who want to know more about teacher mobility. We are looking forward to the new 2014-15 school year when we will have even more Monitored schools, Monitored names, and new names. I’ll keep you posted.