Monitor Service Update: The Progress Continues

Monitor Service Progress Report, July 2014

MCH Monitor ServiceHere at MCH we continue to make progress with our new compiling methodology, the Monitor Service, which we update and verify all school personnel every month. We check the schools’ websites each month and update our database with the changes we see, enabling us to get close to a real-time updating and verification process. The purpose is to provide marketers with the most timely and accurate teacher names possible.

The table below is a summary of how many schools and people across the nation MCH monitors since starting to offer Monitored Schools as a part of our services in September.

MonthMonitored SchoolsMonitored PeopleSchools AddedPeople Added


We continue to make progress in coverage. As of July, we are monitoring more than 50 percent of all school personnel and over 50,000 schools, almost double the numbers when we announced this new service last September. Updating or verifying this many names monthly makes MCH’s database exceptionally accurate. As we go forward into the critical back-to-school marketing period, Monitor Service will provide huge benefits to marketers – such as reaching those elusive new teachers and reaching millions of teachers verified to be on school websites in the last 30 days.




New names, the school marketer’s holy grail:

The table above shows the number of personnel who appeared on our Monitored School websites for the first time each month. As expected, July shows a sharp turn upwards with three times more new names than June. Moving forward, we expect even more new names in August when the majority of kids return to school. Want a prediction for August? How about 150,000 new school personnel names immediately available for mailing lists or email lists.


Time to Get Ready!

If you are not yet prepared to use our Monitored names, you need to start planning now. We have gotten results from a variety of customer tests and they are uniformly exciting. Increased open and click rates compared to “normal” names. From 25 to 35 percent unique names compared to other compiled databases, and remember that our unique names were verified to be on school websites within the last few weeks!

Think of Monitored names if you …

  • Want to reach valid names
  • Want to reach new teachers at the beginning of the school year
  • Don’t want to mail to teachers who are no longer at the school

Now is the time to get ahead of your competition, increase your market share, improve your sales, and boost your marketing ROI. See you next month with some big numbers of new names!


John F. Hood, August 2014