Monitor Service: Marketing Strategies

MCH Monitor Service Marketing Strategies & Tips

MCH Monitor Service
MCH Monitor Service is a result of a new compiling method that updates school personnel data monthly by monitoring staff listings on websites published by schools. This means our Monitored School Database is updated 12 times a year. Since the average school website is updated for staff changes 4 to 5 times each year, the customary annual compiling cycle simply can’t keep up with the changes.

Monitor names are selectable at the school level (all the personnel at the school are Monitored or not) which means that every month all the names at the school are either verified, added to our database if added to the personnel listing, or removed from our database if no longer listed. Job functions and email addresses are also updated or verified. The Monitored school selection can be used in combination with every job function or attribute selection MCH offers. No select charges apply to the Monitor select.

monitor-tips1The “new to school” names are a special and valuable feature of the Monitor process. In our testing, we found that new names are added to school websites every month of the year. In each of the four months from July to October, 40% or more of the websites have changes in their personnel listings. That means that some websites are updated multiple times though that period. In each of the other months, personnel updates are occurring on from 10-30% of school websites. New to school names arrive each month of the year, and only MCH has an updating methodology that captures this stream of changes. MCH is the only source for these new names. A $25/M select charge applies when using the “new to school date” selection.

Please be aware that the Monitor methodology is not perfect. In our testing and verification calls, 75% of names that the process said were “new to the school” were in fact new. 10% were name changes due to marriage. The other 15% were said to be erroneous by our school contact. However, we believe a variety of circumstances may be at work here: a paraprofessional or part-timer is promoted to be a teacher and only then is listed on the website; he/she may have been at the school for a year or two beforehand. We encountered an instance where a teacher was added to the website, but declined the job offer. The website had been updated in anticipation.

Since our Monitor data is so fresh and current, it invites new marketing strategies. Below are some suggestions for using Monitored data:

New to School Names as “Hot” Leads

Perhaps the most obvious is to reach the educators who have joined the school most recently through periodic marketing campaigns. Make your brand one of the first they have heard from. The fastest way to get in front of them is through emails. Depending on the number of new educators in your market, you could set up a campaign to run monthly or even weekly. You need to be aware of minimum order amounts here. This idea could be expanded to a whole “welcome to the school” or “welcome to the industry” kind of campaign in which you are doing a multi-channel series using email, mail, and telemarketing.

Use Only Names from Monitored Schools, The Most Accurate Data Available

Another strategy would be to select only names from Monitored schools when doing a less than an “all names available” promotion. Since there is no additional charge for these names, you are effectively getting a premium list for your campaign. Why not start with the best and most accurate names? This is also an excellent way to test the Monitor Service.

School Opening

monitor-tips2Don’t forget the Fall school opening period. Where else can you get up-to-date names at the start of the school year? Most compilers are still selling the last school year’s names. The greatest changes in personnel happen from July to October. Compare our monthly process with the customary once a year compiling effort

The great vulnerability of the once-a-year approach is that you have to pick the one time you are going to make the effort. If you “scrape” websites before the new names have been added, you just updated your database with last year’s names. If you wait long enough for most websites to be updated, your database is ready long after the time you need the new and verified names. And as we have seen above, schools are never finished with their updating. There’s just no substitute for continuous compiling if you want the most accurate data whenever you need it.

Spring, The Most Important Period for Most School Marketers

Since personnel changes happen throughout the school year, Monitor names become more valuable as the school year goes on, especially compared to teacher files that are updated once a year in the Fall. Many marketers mail/email most heavily in the Spring. It is this time of year when our monthly updating cycle will have made 7 or 8 months of cumulative changes in the current school year to become the only truly accurate database available.