Monitor Email Test Results

Monitor Email Test Results

MCH Monitor ServiceRecently, a major school email marketer conducted a test of emails from Monitored Schools against traditionally compiled emails. The test was conducted in March 2014 to 150,000 names in each panel and here are the results:

Opens: up 15%
Clicks: up 48%
Click to Open Ratio: up 32%

Think about your current campaigns:

  • Are responses declining?
  • Are your names tired?
  • Are you marketing to people who are no longer at the school?
  • Are you capturing all of the new names available RIGHT NOW?

If you want to improve these results, you need to learn more about MCH’s new compilation method. MCH Monitored schools are compiled on a monthly cycle from school websites making our Monitored school data the cleanest and most current in the industry. Every month new names are added, other names are deleted, and the rest are verified as still there. Plus, we also verify millions of job functions and emails every month.

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