Monitor Email Test Results – Wow!

A major school email marketer conducted a test of emails from MCH Monitored Schools against traditionally compiled emails. The test was conducted in March 2014 to 150,000 names in each panel. The Monitor Email Test results are in:

Opens                                    up 15%
Clicks                                     up 48%
Click to Open Ratio          up 32%

Monitored schools are compiled on a monthly cycle from school websites making our Monitored school data the cleanest and most current in the industry. Every month new names are added, other names are deleted, and the rest are verified as still there. Plus, we also verify millions of job functions and emails every month.

Monitor marketing tip: Databases compiled once in the fall are deteriorating. Use Monitored names for your spring and fiscal-year-end campaigns. There are billions of dollars being spent before June 30th. Educators want offers, they want them now, and they want to receive them via email.

You can have results like those above! Learn more about MCH Monitor Service today.