Mike Wilson ECMLC

Mike Wilson

mike-wilson280Mike Wilson has extensive knowledge of the early childhood market, with more than forty years of experience in educational products and data sales. During this period, he oversaw a team that collected, analyzed, and computerized data on early childhood institutions. He also created the “Mike Wilson brand” and led WMG to control approximately 70% of the market for mailing lists in the child care market for nearly three decades. Prior to founding WMG, Mike served as a key executive at Market Data Retrieval. Previously, he taught writing and coached wrestling at Girard College.

Mike brings his comprehensive knowledge of the early childhood market to MCH, where he provides client consultations, early childhood education, and serves as a speaker for education-related conferences and events. Overall, Mike is an excellent resource to marketers looking to break in or expand their market share in the early childhood and education markets.

In his spare time, Mike likes to read and spend time with his family.

Mr. Wilson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stroudsburg University, and conducted his graduate studies at the University of New Hampshire. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.