Obtain Maximum Reach with MCH’s K12 Education Email Data

Obtain Maximum Reach with MCHs K12 Education Email Data for your Next Marketing Campaign

Are you building your K-12 marketing strategies with the freshest data possible? If your data provider refreshes their file only 1-2 times per year, chances are, you’re not! MCH Monitor™ Technology listens in real-time to daily marketplace changes, and those changes are fed immediately into our database. Our technology, combined with verification from our U.S. data team allow you to get in front of the right audience faster than ever. Start by integrating education K12 education email data in your next marketing campaign

Real-Time Updates

What is MCH’s Monitor™ Technology?

MCH Monitor™ Technology is one of the many innovations of MCH. This cutting-edge compilation method for education sets a new bar for data quality. Our technology listens in real-time for changes that happen in schools across the nation. Those changes are ingested into MCH’s database where contact information is updated. We capture new teachers, remove teachers no longer at the school, update job function changes and more.

MCH uses the most recent and up-to-date technology to revise and update our database of education email data. When you map out your strategy, and select your target audience, trust MCH to provide you with the best data available. Our data will allow you to feel more confident in your campaign and reach your target audience with reliability and accuracy.

It’s a data first world!

MCH’s real-time updates to our K12 education email data is just one example of how we help customers use data to uncover opportunities. Our K12 education email data includes a broad spectrum of titles, from preschool email lists to K-12 mailing lists and allows you to select the features that best fit your needs.

Let MCH help you achieve positive results with our K12 education email data.

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