MCH Strategic Data and Announce Strategic Partnership

Infinite Access to feature data

Sweet Springs, MO – MCH Strategic Data and have entered into a strategic partnership to provide powerful funding solutions through MCH’s Infinite Access portal. will supply the K-12 education funding data that is currently offered in the Infinite Access portal. The goal of the MCH / RFPMatch partnership is to bring Infinite Access customers the funding data that is of most relevance to education sales and marketing staff and then to train them and their Infinite Access users how best to use this funding information to grow their businesses.

Dr. Paula Love, founder of, has over 40 years of experience in almost every phase of the funding process, including work at the school, district, state, and federal level as well as the corporate and nonprofit sectors. In her previous executive role at Red Rocks Reports, Paula matched the needs of educational companies with current funding information. Dr Love said, “Our matching services are currently comprised of three distinct offerings that, when combined with MCH Strategic Data, offer a powerful funding solution second to none. GrantMatch is timely and targeted updates about upcoming grants announcements, recently announced grant awards, and other related funding news – all customized around a company’s core business. GrantMatch gives an unprecedented opportunity to peer into the crystal ball of funding resources. BidMatch provides a specialized client-focused service that pre-screens and vets bid or contract opportunities. In addition to funding data found in Infinite Access, RFP Support includes wrap around services to strengthen the use of grant and bid funding. Examples include funding presentations; white papers and other funding research documents; funding trend analysis reports; and the Funding Doctor service – a Doctor On-Demand to provide support on grants.”

Peter Long, MCH CEO said, “One of the lessons we have learned the hard way is that more data is not always better when users don’t know how to apply it. Customers really only need and want the data that is right for them to accomplish their goals. Dr. Love knows education and funding from every perspective, from the classroom to the boardroom. She has assembled the highest quality team of strategic partners who bring expertise not only in education, but also specific industries like security, early childhood, common core standards, and technology sales to name a few. With Dr. Love at the helm, we’ll be providing the highest quality funding data available in the marketplace and training users on how to unlock the value in the data to meet their needs.”

About MCH Strategic Data:
MCH Strategic Data ( is a U.S. based compiler of comprehensive K-12 and early childhood marketing databases. MCH provides email, direct mail, telemarketing, on-line, social media, and geospatial marketing solutions focused on more than five million K-12 educators. With the launch of Infinite Access and Monitor Service, MCH is the unparalleled provider of solutions for education sales, marketing, and management professionals. The company’s business-to-institution focus includes government agencies, hospitals, medical practices, schools, school districts, and churches. MCH is headquartered in Sweet Springs, Missouri, with additional offices in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Missouri.

About ( was founded by Dr. Paula Love, a well-known expert, consultant, and presenter to businesses, school districts and campuses, and nonprofit organizations. The company is the central source for funding and bid opportunities. The core service offering consists of RFPMatch which harnesses the power of deep web research technology and combines it with professional expertise to bring actionable funding insights specific to your industry and your company. Other core services include GrantMatch, which connects organizations with grant opportunities, and BidMatch, which delivers targeted proposal requests to businesses across a wide variety of market sectors. Dr Love’s mission is to help strengthen communities throughout the nation by supporting continued growth among the businesses and organizations that serve them.