MCH Strategic Data Creates New Business Unit That Solves Complex Technology and Integration Issues for Clients.

MCH, a Microsoft Certified Partner, builds customized, affordable technology solutions that empower their clients to fully realize the power of their quality data.

Driven by market demand, MCH has expanded their product and services offering to include affordable technology development solutions.  For almost 90 years, MCH has been a leader in B2B data services, but today, the market demands more.  “We’ve always been problem-solvers in our space,” said Amy Rambo, President of MCH.  “Talking with our clients, and understanding the complexities they face with data integration, reporting and activation, prompted us to offer custom technology development.” 

MCH’s new business unit brings extensive experience in managing, integrating, and building data solutions.  As a former Data Analyst and Data Architect at the Kansas State Department of Education, MCH’s new CIO, Kelly Holder, conceived and built data warehouses that ingested millions of records into a cloud-based environment allowing for increased capabilities in time management, centralized data source integration, historical analysis and the automation of data extraction and reporting tasks.  Holder also developed the P20 system which leverages the power of machine learning to combine student data from the Kansas Department of Education, the Kansas Board of Regents, ACT, College Board, and the National Student Clearing House, among other sources, giving key education stakeholders a clear view of a student’s lifelong educational progress.

MCH’s technology investments include industry-leading solutions, such as the Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse, and an in-house team of data scientists, data engineers and technologists that holds multiple certifications and published expertise in data warehousing and analytics. MCH is a Microsoft Certified Partner and is working toward an Amazon Web Services certification.  

The team is versed in leading languages such as R, Python, T-SQL and Azure Machine Learning.  “Because we have an in-house team, we can devote our expertise to helping clients with technology teams of any size. Even those without a dedicated technology team can leverage our expertise,” said Holder.  “One of our most recent projects included developing a cloud-based environment that served as a playground for using our data. In this case, our client used the playground to develop their own analytics, and we set up a customized solution just for that reason.”

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