MCH Strategic Data Announces New Home Connect Educators-at-Home Database

Sweet Springs, MO – January 19, 2011 – MCH Strategic Data has announced a new comprehensive solution for marketers to reach educators at their home address. The new Home Connect educators-at-home database is 100% linked to the MCH school and district database. As a result, marketers can use the school-based selection criteria such as enrollment, grade range, and federal funding levels.

“The new Home Connect database is one of many new education marketing solutions that MCH is announcing for 2011,” MCH CEO Peter Long said. “Along with the enhancement to our education database from the acquisition of QED assets, we’re expanding the range of products and services to support a wide range of school marketers.”

The new at-home database features key consumer selection criteria, including age, household income, and marital status. “We have designed the new consumer selects for the benefit of both business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketers,” MCH Director of Product Development Kirk Chritton said. “Educators are a highly desirable market segment. They have above-average household incomes and tend to own their own homes. Not only are they likely buyers of classroom materials, they can also be great prospects for travel, clothing, and other consumer offers.”

MCH’s database also allows marketers to combine at-home direct mail campaigns with at-school email campaigns. “If a client is developing a multi-channel campaign geared toward married special education teachers who own their home and work in an elementary school with an enrollment of more than 100, MCH can support it,” Chritton said.

The new database is priced at $65/M for one-time use as a mailing list; list selections are an additional $10/M. Other licensing terms and broker discounts are available. More details about the new database are available at the MCH website.

About MCH Strategic Data
MCH Strategic Data ( is the new compiler of the QED Education Database, a comprehensive K-12 marketing database solution. MCH provides email, direct mail, telemarketing, and social media marketing solutions focused on more than 4.7 million K-12 educators. The company’s business-to-institution focus also includes government agencies, hospitals, medical practices, schools, school districts, and churches. MCH has offices in Sweet Springs, Kansas City, Chicago, Denver, and Connecticut.