MCH in the Community

It should actually read MCH in the community, and the community is Sweet Springs, MO, a small farming town of about 1,400 – and many more cows. If you read about our history, the company moved here over 70 years ago for two reasons: one, Sweet Springs is centrally located near the middle of the U.S. which was good for distribution of print materials by mail, and two, because Dr. Long, our founder, was born here and had relatives he trusted to run the facility. (He was based in New York City.)

MCH employs many from Sweet Springs and other local communities. In small towns, everyone knows one another and the spirit of helping each other runs deep. That spirit drives the MCH Social Committee and their outreach efforts. The MCH Social Committee is comprised of volunteer employees and is boss-free. They are given a budget and are responsible for our internal social activities. But they also organize efforts to assist non-employees where they feel they can make a contribution.

Here are some examples:

  • Organize food drives for the local food pantry.
  • Collect clothing for families who lost their possessions because of fires.
  • Set up recycling bins within MCH which have recycled an estimated 170,000 pounds of paper in the last 5 years.
  • Collected money through an ingenious method to support community service projects. On Fridays from Memorial Day to Labor Day employees may wear flip-flops if they donate $2.00 to the kitty. Very popular. The money goes to things like Christmas dinner and presents for needy families.

These activities are a credit to our employees. Thank you all.