MCH History

MCH has over 85 years of institutional data experience. Our data is updated continuously from hundreds of sources, including U.S.-based phone verification. Sales and Marketing professionals use our data to uncover unique opportunities in the education, healthcare, government and church markets.

MCH has been one of a few original source data compilers in the U.S. and the only company specializing in education, healthcare, government, and religion data. Original source compiling means we gather and verify data primarily by dealing directly with the institutions we compile rather than using secondary sources like telephone yellow page listings. Over the years we have invested heavily in developing new and more accurate compiling methods that enable us to get the right data, attributes, and personnel names for the markets we serve. Founded in 1928, we have evolved into a leading data compiler, and we have never wavered in our commitment to provide only the highest quality data to our customers.

The MCH Timeline

2013: MCH launches Monitor Service, the game-changing compilation method that enables near real-time compiling of the K-12 database. The freshest, most accurate data available and a solution never before available.

2012: MCH introduces the 365-Day School Calendar enabling clients to reach educators when they are at the school ready to receive postal and email offers. The calendar includes spring and winter breaks, open and close dates, and more.

2012: MCH launches Infinite Access, an online tool that shows the organization of U.S. K-12 education facilities and staff. Infinite Access has extensive querying, sorting, reporting, and downloading capabilities.

2012: MCH invests in edWeb.net.

2011: MCH acquires Wilson Marketing Group, a database management and market research firm that specialized in the early childhood market. This acquisition reinforces MCH’s commitment and brand as a leader in the field of education marketing services.

2011: MCH launched Home Connect, the teachers at home addresses database.

2010: MCH acquires the assets of Quality Education Data (QED) including an updated version of the QED education database. The acquisition results in significant growth in both clients and staff.

2010: The MCH webinar series was launched.

2009: MCH and edWeb.net form strategic alliance. edWeb.net is an online service that facilitates on-line learning communities for educators using social networking software and tools.

2003: MCH enters into an agreement to provide geospatial data to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

1996: MCH licenses Oracle database technology.

1994: The MCH facility is remodeled and modernized.

1975: First computer installed at MCH.


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