MCH and RedRock Reports Announce Strategic Partnership

RedRock Reports

MCH Strategic Data and RedRock Reports have entered into an exciting new partnership. Under the new agreement, RedRock Online K-12 education funding data will be provided to subscribers through MCH’s Infinite Access online portal.

Jennifer House, Ph.D., founder of RedRock Reports said, “This partnership has created new opportunities to showcase our K-12 funding data. We looked high and low to find the best solution for RedRock Online and MCH’s Infinite Access is by far the most advanced solution in the education market.”

MCH CEO Peter Long, said, “Education marketers will see huge benefits from this partnership. We’re excited about providing RedRock’s K-12 funding data through the Infinite Access portal. Subscribers familiar with RedRock Online will enjoy the same 24×7 access to funding data as well as exciting new features that can dramatically improve the effectiveness of their sales efforts. Users can track funding allocations back to recipient institutions and the decision makers who manage the funds. In addition, they can view data by granting agency, subject area, grade level, key decision maker, and more.”

John Hood, President of MCH said, “Dr. House has built RedRock into the premier source for education funding data and we’re honored to be working with her. She will be a resource to MCH customers and will also continue to operate her consulting practice from her California office.”

About MCH Strategic Data:
MCH Strategic Data ( is a U.S. based compiler of comprehensive K-12 and early childhood marketing databases. MCH provides email, direct mail, telemarketing, on-line, social media, and geospatial marketing solutions focused on more than five million K-12 educators. The company’s business-to-institution focus includes government agencies, hospitals, medical practices, schools, school districts, and churches. MCH is headquartered in Sweet Springs, Missouri, with additional offices in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, and Massachusetts. 

About RedRock Reports:
RedRock Reports, a Menlo Park, California based business, assists companies that serve the K-12 education market with navigation of the constantly changing educational funding landscape. Jenny House, Ph.D., and her team are recognized as premier education funding experts to K-12 product and service suppliers providing insightful and action oriented funding information by connecting the dots between the products, the funds, and the decision makers. More information is available at