Marketing to Preschools Effectively

Marketing to preschools effectively can be a complicated and time consuming process. Let MCH Strategic Data assist you in marketing to preschools using accurate data and successful strategies.

Are you interested in marketing to preschools through a single- or multi-channel campaign? MCH Strategic Data is a trusted source of education data and strategies and can offer reliable data as well as effective marketing strategies for marketing to preschools, child care centers, head starts, early childhood education programs, and home child care centers.

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MCH Strategic Data is known throughout the United States for providing accurate, reliable data for the education universe, and for offering effective marketing strategies designed to make your next campaign a success.

blocks-503109_640When marketing to preschools, create a custom marketing list based on the specific goals of your campaign.

The data professionals at MCH Strategic Data can assist you in identifying the main goals of your campaign, and then help you build custom marketing lists for marketing to preschools based on those goals. Are you interested in marketing to school-based preschool programs? Or perhaps it would be more beneficial to target individuals who provide home child care services. With marketing data from MCH Strategic Data, you’ll be able to make educated decisions regarding marketing to preschools. For example, did you know that licensed home child care services spend more than $300 million annually on products such as play equipment, baby food, books, videos, furniture, infant care disposables, and arts and crafts supplies. You can create a highly specific campaign based on job title, location, preschool size, funding, and much more.

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