Marketing Automation and Quality Data

Marketing Automation Campaigns are Only as Good as the Data That Drives Them.

The beauty of having a robust marketing automation program is that you can develop a pre-planned campaign keep your message in front of your audience.  After the initial campaign is developed and tested, there level of involvement from a marketing manager is relatively low.  

However, these campaigns, as wonderful as they are, are only as good as the data that drives them.  

Marketing Automation campaigns are entirely data-driven.

Without accurate data, it’s almost impossible to get it right.  The best automation programs run off of a clean database.  Why?  Because it’s important to be personal, relevant and timely.  Accuracy of names, contact information and job titles are needed to do this correctly.  

Refresh your database often

Update your database as often as possible- daily, weekly, monthly.  The staff rosters at an institution and employee roles and responsibilities at a company change more often than you would think.  If your data is more than a couple of months old, you may be missing the mark.  Refreshing and updating the database not only improves the results of each marketing automation campaign but it also helps make sure your email message delivery is good for all of the messages you send.

Update statuses continually.  

The sales stage of your leads can no longer live on notepads, sheets of paper and spreadsheets if there are messages that are automatically sent through marketing automation.  This small step repeatedly done lets the marketing automation program support the work of your sale steam.

  • Trigger a message when the status of your lead changes.  For example, if a lead changes from active to lapsed, an automated message to encourage buying activity is appropriate.
  • Send the same message or alert to the sales manager who has a relationship with the lead.  They may follow up with a phone call.  

Review data and program results regularly

Data from marketing automation programs should be reviewed on a regular basis.  We recommend setting aside time every 90 days to review.  

  • Are landing pages up to date?
  • Do messages still make sense?
  • Are there new products and services that need to be mentioned?
  • Are opt-outs and deliverability numbers in line with benchmarks?

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