How to Market Your Business to Schools: Tips from MCH Data

Want to Market your Business to Schools? Contact MCH Data.

If you’re wondering how to market your business to schools, start by contacting the professionals at MCH Data. MCH Data is a specialty compiler of direct mail and email marketing databases for schools, colleges, libraries and teachers. MCH Data provides custom data solutions to help you reach your marketing goals.

Market Your Business to Schools by Selecting Applicable Features

With a marketing list from from MCH Data, your business can create a targeted school marketing campaign by selecting specific school features. These features can include adult education programs, alternative programs, AP classes, bilingual programs, blue ribbon schools, ed tech, gifted and talented programs, independent study programs, infant/toddler child care, international baccalaureate, library present, magnet school program, Montessori classes, multi-age classes, PTA/PTO, special needs child care, sports programs, and vocational classes.

Market Your Business to Schools Through a Variety of Campaign Types

While direct mail is still the most popular type of campaign, MCH Data provides a variety of campaign types for your school marketing campaign. MCH Data has an entire suite of Channel_e™ email products to create a successful email marketing campaign, including multi-channel or trigger campaigns.  MCH’s email specialists can help you with every step in your email marketing process with a best practices document for marketers and designers.

Market Your Business to Schools…Then Analyze Your Results

How do you know that your marketing campaign is working? MCH Data provides a complimentary analysis and report with each email campaign. This report will show you many helpful aspects, including total opens, unique opens, bounces, click-thrus by job function, and institutional characteristics.

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