K12 Marketing for the Changing Landscape

Although my “day job” is working as a Marketing Manager at MCH Strategic Data, in my spare time I am on a board for my children’s K-6 elementary school. Our mission is to provide supplemental funds to the school for innovative curriculum that the school’s budget will not cover. At this point, most schools in the country know that it is important to start introducing S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) and other cutting-edge programs into the schools, but they do not have the money. Recently, our foreign language program funding was eliminated, and parents needed to supplement the budget by paying additional money to have their children learn Spanish, French or Chinese.  Schools are looking for creative ways to make this work. I get an inside view on how marketing to K12 schools can be very complex.

The landscape is changing.

As an educational marketer, it is very hard to understand what schools need and when they have the dollars to make purchases. How do you know who to contact? Better yet, how do you keep track of teachers who move to different positions or who have gained new responsibilities? Sometimes, these changes are not obvious, and this causes us to spend time and resources on the wrong people

How can MCH help you navigate ?

Arm yourself with the accurate and updated data. MCH’s innovative MonitorTM Technology updates school personnel every week. If a staff member in a school has changed titles or moved to a new school, Monitor Technology captures those changes every week!
Go where the money is.  MCH has an inside track to funding data. We’ve even made this available through Infinite Access, our online portal. Use this information to strategically target schools that have been awarded funds to spend on your product or service.
Fortify your Database.  Working with MCH, you can identify what fields to append to your database to improve your results and get a fresh perspective on who your best customers are.

Bottom line, schools are getting creative on navigating through a plethora of landscape changes. Marketers need to be just as creative. Surround yourself with innovative experts from MCH to help you navigate the K12 landscape.