K-12 Mailing Lists for School Marketing

MCH Strategic Data is a trusted source for accurate school data, including K-12 mailing lists for school marketing. Let our experienced team assist you in building a successful campaign using up-to-date data.

Ready to start your next K-12 marketing campaign? MCH Strategic Data has decades of experience in collecting, customizing, and analyzing data for schools in the United States. A successful campaign begins with sourcing accurate, up-to-date data, so turn to the professionals at MCH Strategic Data to source the cleanest, most reliable data available.

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k-12 mailing list for school marketingFor a targeted campaign, create customized K-12 mailing lists for school marketing.

Creating a segmented, customized K-12 mailing list can help you reach your preferred audience and increase conversion rates. Consider segmenting your K-12 mailing lists for school marketing by location, school type, grade level, school features, wealth score, or job title. For example, you could create a segmented K-12 mailing list of high school teachers based on job titles such as Geometry Teacher, Biology Teacher, English Teacher, Algebra Teacher, Geography Teacher, Calculus Teacher, Literature Teacher, History Teacher, and many other job titles. You could segment these lists further by selecting grade level, degree earned, etc. Want to reach K-12 decision-makers at the district level? Consider selecting such job titles as Superintendent, Principal, Head Teacher, Dean of Students, CEO/President, School Board Member, etc.

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The education universe has unique qualities that need to be considered when marketing to schools. Timing, funding sources, and other variables can be used to your advantage. MCH Strategic Data has built a reputation for providing useful and effective school marketing strategies. Click here to learn school marketing strategies from the data professionals at MCH Strategic Data.

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