Investing in Early Childhood

If you live in Germany, your education is funded from preschool through graduate school. Socialism? Or are smart investments in early childhood the very heart of capitalism? Michael Jay — President of Educational Systemics and our regular commentator — checks in from the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Michael Jay – Early Childhood Funding from MCHStrategicData on Vimeo.

In a recent Ed Table Talk, Michael posed another interesting question: As schools move towards digital learning environment, will future students know what a book is? Guests Udi Chatow (Senior Strategist and Program Director at HP) Elmar Husmann (Deputy Secretary General at European Learning Industry Group) and Frank Thalhofer (Managing Director at Cornelsen Schulverlage) discussed the broader definition of “book,” how students interact with content, and the case for bringing together analog and digital materials.

Listen to Teacher? What is a Book? from Ed Table Talk (October 15, 2015).