Infographic Depicts How Use of Real-time Data Doubles Click-through Rates

208-576_MCH_Infographic_FNLMCH Strategic Data offers cost-effective education marketing data that achieves higher campaign results

Sweet Springs, Mo. (Sept. 29, 2014)­ – The leading provider of real-time educational marketing data, MCH Strategic Data, releases an infographic depicting the frequency of school personnel changes and the optimal time for education marketing. Data for the infographic was gathered through MCH’s Monitor Service, a real-time data compiling service for sales, marketing and management professionals, allowing marketers to reach a quarter more of the market. This revolutionary K-12 data compilation ensures names are accurate, reducing bounce backs and delivering the highest marketing results.

“Real-time updates mean real-time marketing,” said John F. Hood, president of MCH Strategic Data. “Every school makes updates during the summer, but 10-30 percent also make personnel changes each month of the school year, which is why we update our database frequently.”

MCH’s analysis reveals the greatest amount of staff personnel changes occur between July and September, pinpointing October as the peak time to reach new personnel. In several studies, MCH had 25 to 31 percent more unique educator names than similar lists. Many of these names are first-year teachers, which studies show are more willing to buy supplementary materials.

“Many education marketers believe it is the size of the list that matters, but it is accuracy that creates the best results,” said Hood. “MCH verifies school personnel and their contact information monthly, garnering more impressive marketing results. Plus, it’s less expensive, in some cases, half the price because of better quality names.”

The infographic was created with data from MCH’s Monitor Service, which provides quality updates of school and personnel data within five weeks or less of appearing on a school website, letting marketers reach potential customers as quickly as possible.

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