Infinite Access Interactive Tours

Infinite Access is the best online school directory in the marketplace. If you relied on print QED school directories in the past, this new online tool is for you. Infinite Access will change how you market to schools, districts, and educators.

Register today for a 30-minute interactive tour to learn more about the features that will help you become more efficient, effective, and successful in education marketing.

No other school directory gives you the interactive sales, marketing, and market research capabilities that are available in with MCH Infinite Access.

Sales success with visual style.
Empower your sales team with mobile access to a full database of school profiles, interactive maps, 5 million decision makers by name, and the ability to email educators directly from Infinite Access. Sales managers can plan sales territories based on custom analysis of the region and export lead lists to a sales team in the office or in the field.

K-12 Marketing made easy.
Simplify the life of the marketing department. There’s no need to wait for IT to support your database needs – your K-12 database is online 24×7. Marketing can define target audiences and quickly export data for direct mail, telemarketing, and other lead generation campaigns. It’s never been easier to analyze the markets and prepare reports.

Executive strategic planning.
Now executives can corner the K-12 market using the powerful reporting tools in Infinite Access. Define markets with customized reports based on location, enrollment, grade level, buying power, area wealth, and much more.

Choose the date and time below that work best for you. Then, either click on the link to register directly or email and we’ll register you for the event.

Tuesday, May 7, 1:00 PM

Monday, May 20, 11:00 AM

Thursday, May 30, 2:00 PM

If education is your market, you need Infinite Access.