Infinite Access: the only comprehensive online educator database

Infinite AccessHere’s what I know about your company: You don’t need to reach all 5 million educators in MCH Infinite Access.

America’s schools and districts employee millions of professionals, and you only need to reach a subset – those who influence the purchase of your products or services. But your subset is different than another marketer’s. Nearly every company, division, or product needs to target a unique group of education professionals.

That’s why MCH embedded our full database of 5 million district and school decision makers in Infinite Access – our unsurpassed online business intelligence platform for the K12 marketplace. Infinite Access gives you powerful, easy-to-use search tools to select and segment your own group or groups of educators. Unlike other tools that limit the educators available to review, MCH makes puts the educator database at your fingertips. Professional subscribers can even view 3.5 million educators’ email addresses onscreen.

We’ve also increased our subscribers’ ability to export educator email lists. We’ve recently cut the number credits required for email exports in half, doubling the value of the credits for email marketers.

We have published a series of videos showing how to use Infinite Access to increase sales and marketing effectiveness. You can learn more about searching for K-12 school personnel here.

If you’re interested in Infinite Access, contact your MCH representative, call us at 1-800-525-5811, or send an email to We’ll be happy to set you up with a free trial subscription and provide a personal tour of the site.