Do your B2B email campaigns need a boost? Increasing your data velocity can help.

B2B email campaigns rely on quality data

Outbound email marketing is one of the best ways to increase revenue and grow your business. But the best content in the world won’t help you generate quality leads if the data you use for prospect marketing is incorrect or out of date. B2B marketing succeeds or fails based on the quality, accuracy and currency of the data.

Data velocity = Better Quality

Data velocity describes the speed of data—how quickly you can acquire it, incorporate it into your systems and keep it up to date. Increasing your data velocity not only allows sophisticated marketers to build the top of the funnel faster but it can also reduce the number of email bounces.  Inaccurate data is a waste of time and money.  Not to mention, lost opportunity.  

Prospect with clean data

If you’re serious about lead generation efforts, acquiring clean data at increased velocity should be a top priority.  Keeping up with volatility in the B2B sector is no easy task.  In order to grow your business and build strong relationships, you need to get your brand in front of key prospects faster.  Accurate data and the speed to which you access it is extremely important.   After all, quality data is the foundation for sales and marketing success. 

Let MCH Strategic Data assist you

MCH Strategic Data has helped businesses selling and marketing to the institutional sector for nearly 90 years. Our data resides in the private cloud, and is updated continuously and audited internally and externally regularly.  Sales and marketing professionals rely on us to help them increase the number of quality leads and create new business opportunities using rich, accurate data combined with cutting-edge technology.

Our data will improve the number of quality leads you generate, even if you already have a contact database. We can enrich your data with ours, adding records and filling in gaps or missing data. This means more records, with more complete data, and greater accuracy. Richer more accurate contact information will enable you to segment and target specific leads with highly relevant offers and information.  Ultimately, you’ll have the tools and data to uncover new opportunities to reach a wider audience to grow your business.  

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