How to Improve Your Marketing Campaigns with Analytics

To Improve Your Marketing Campaign with Analytics, Contact the Professionals at MCH Strategic Data.

As you may know by now, a large part of a marketing campaign’s success is reliant on the ability to analyze its results. Analyzing a marketing campaign allows you to know how your campaign was successful, where it was successful, who responded most positively to your campaign, and what you might do differently in your next campaign.

MCH Strategic Data Offers Multiple Analytic Tools to Help Improve Your Marketing Campaigns.

The ESP™ Profile from MCH Strategic Data is designed to show businesses the areas of their markets that may have the most value. Based on your database od 5,000+ customer transactions, the ESP™ Profile results offer recommendations to improve your next marketing campaign.

The Channel_e™ Profile analyzes your target audience based on past behavior. This information is essential to selecting the right audience and tailoring the design and content of your email campaign to achieve actual customer conversions.

Find out which offers were most inciting to your customers and who which segments positively (or negatively) with the  Channel_e™ Enhanced Report. This report offers information on opens, clicks, opt-outs and other metrics for in-depth analysis.

If you’re interested in direct mail marketing campaigns, look to the Matchback tool to learn which segments performed best. Match the name and campaign of customers to identify who converted well and how to improve your next campaign.

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