How edWeb Helps Companies Create Online Communities

edWeb.netListen today to How edWeb Helps Companies Create Online Communities and learn more about and the benefits of creating online communities.

Educators are gathering in online communities at a fast-growing pace. Online communities are virtual conferences where educators are sharing information and resources to improve teaching and learning.

Online communities offer education companies a tremendous opportunity to connect and collaborate with educators on a 24/7 basis. Learn where educators are gathering and how that can help guide your social media strategy. See how online communities can help you:

  • Provide thought leadership
  • Host professional development programs
  • Learn about the issues facing educators in your target market
  • Build relationships and capture leads

edWeb has been very successful in helping organizations build highly engaging online community programs that create a very strong sense of community. Ms. Schmucki presented case studies to show how this works.

Lisa Schmucki, Co-Founder and CEO,

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