Going Mobile in the Pre-K – 12 School Market

Going Mobile in the Pre-K - 12 School Market Webinar

Learn how mobile technology has been incorporated into the classroom, and its affects on student engagement and the learning environment in this webinar.

Kathy Mickey, Senior Analyst/Managing Editor of the Education Group at Simba Information, shares highlights from Simba’s new publication about the emerging market for mobile applications in the Pre-K-12 School Market. The publication is based on a recent survey conducted by Simba and MCH Strategic Data.

Kyle Menchhofer, Technology Coordinator at St Marys City Schools, shares a recent case study on mobile learning, including the school’s concerns, goals, and the achievements reached through technology use in the classroom.

John F. Hood, President of MCH Strategic Data, provides a brief overview of what MCH clients are saying about mobile learning.

Kathy Mickey also shares information about the topics covered in the survey:

  • Student usage of mobile technologies for educational purposes (by grade level)
  • Implementation plans for mobile technologies
  • Primary uses of mobile technology for education (by grade level)
  • Disciplines and types of content most often used on mobile devices
  • How school systems are funding technology purchases

Download a PDF of the presentation.