Federal Grants to Expand Charter Schools

The Department of Education announced $253 million in federal grants to expand charter schools.

These grants are the first for charter schools to be awarded under ESSA and include the following states:  Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Texas and Wisconsin.

In addition, two state-level programs are also among entities receiving $56 million through the new Credit Enhancement for Charter School Facilities program, which is intended to help charters secure funding to purchase, build or renovate their facilities.

MCH can provide additional insights into what schools are looking for.  We recently surveyed charter school administrators, and their most frequently sited needs include:

  • English Learner Curriculum and Resources
  • Technology that Advances Learning
  • Supplemental Materials to Support Standards-Based Curriculum
  • Curriculum and Materials that support Social and Emotional Learning
  • Evaluation Platforms
  • Solutions that Address Effective Communication
  • Solutions that will Address the Rise of LEP Students and their ability to learn

Access our free eBook, Understanding Charter SchoolsMCH can put you in contact with key charter school personnel.  We have over 7,300 charter schools with nearly 209,000 key personnel. 

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