Making the Most of Your Email Marketing in 2017

Email continues to be an integral channel in 2017. However, like with any medium, there are always ways to improve results.

The days of “spray and pray” emailing are long behind us, replaced by account-based marketing and one-to-one messaging.  Customers and prospects expect you to know them and understand them and provide a good user experience for them.

Important things to think about when developing your email campaign in 2017

1. What is the vital message your company is trying to communicate?  

  • The best messages are relevant to the user, contain new or updated information, are clear and understandable and contain a compelling call to action.
  • Be concise and clear about what you ask of the user.

2. Is your message relevant?

  • Email is a great tool to promote new features, products or exciting new things happening in the market.
  • Take the opportunity to reach out to your colleagues or customers and find out what is important to them.
  • People relate to other people.  Customer testimonials are a wonderful way to share stories and invite readers to share their experiences or to learn more about your company.

3. Is your email database up-to-date?

  • Team members, job titles and roles change more often than you might think.  Keeping up-to-date data in your marketing database or CRM system is essential to making connections.
  • Create a re-engagement message for people who have been inactive in your database and watch your send frequency.  It’s important to consider list fatigue.

4. Automate as much as possible.

  • Stay top-of-mind by sending messages regularly.
  • Plan email campaigns that will improve the user experience of your customers. Follow-ups and post-sale messages on how to get support can turn a one-time purchase into a loyal customer.
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