Email Isn’t Dead

Email isn’t dead. 

Marketers who think email is dead are being extremely short-sighted. Customers and prospects are engaging with businesses across an increasing number of touch-points – websites, social media, mobile, tablets and more. Reaching the best prospects and customers when and where they are looking for a solution requires a multi-channel approach. Regardless of how you engage your audience, one thing is certain: they expect a personalized, integrated experience. Using email is just the tip of the iceberg.

Email is the anchor.

Accurate email data is a key element for building successful marketing programs. It’s not only important, but it’s an anchor to other digital efforts, and in a multi-channel world, that is critical for success! It’s important to have clean, updated and accurate email addresses before you begin any campaign.

Why it’s important.

People use email to set up profiles on social media or register on websites to get gated content. It’s a key element that often remains consistent across a wide array of other data points. With an accurate email, you can:

  • Link customer behavior and contact data
  • Create ongoing dialogue to nurture and grow relationships
  • Reach people across many devices, such as mobile, tablet and desktop

Of course, relevancy and personalization are important. Every savvy marketer knows that. But without an accurate, clean email database, you will eventually fall behind your competitors.