edWeb.net and Problem-Attic announce an online professional learning community on “Assessment for Learning”

edWeb.net and Problem-Attic announce an online professional learning community on “Assessment for Learning”edWeb.net

PRINCETON, NJ, March 3, 2014 – Problem-Attic, the online question bank for K-12 educators, has launched a free professional learning community around Assessment for Learning on edWeb.net, a professional learning and social network for the education community.

The goal of this professional learning community is to provide ideas and resources for instruction and realtime formative assessment. Additionally, teachers can share ideas about using technology to improve, differentiate and personalize instruction through student assessment. Assessment for Learning is a forum for educators to come together online to engage, innovate, and discuss best practices for the classroom.

This collaborative community is free, and will host webinars and online discussions to help educators connect and collaborate on the topic of using assessments to improve student learning. The program will help educators understand how to formulate questions that develop high order thinking skills, and to provide practical knowledge in using technology to improve assessments.  The program will open with three consecutive, monthly webinars:

  • Better Math Questions for Better Answers: Teaching High Order Thinking Skills for the Common Core (Register)
  • Using Technology to Break Away from Traditional Assessments (Register)
  • Closing the Circle: Analyzing and Improving Assessments for Learning (Register)

Since 1990, EducAide Software, the team behind Problem-Attic, has been bridging the gap between instruction and assessment. Problem-Attic is a free app with one of the largest question banks in the world. The questions come from multiple sources – state released test, curriculum samplers, academic competitions – designed for every classroom use, including homework, daily warmups and group activities, and are high-level, varied and graphically rich. These questions, formulated for all major subject areas, help teachers generate effective assessments for the classroom and make it easy to tailor curriculum, challenge students and personalize learning. Teachers love that it works with existing classroom technologies, such as interactive whiteboards, laptops and handheld devices.

Dan Levin, CEO and founder of EducAide Software, says, “Problem-Attic is proud to support an edWeb community for teachers, administrators, and others that play a role in educating our students. Problem-Attic is dedicated to not only providing content that is useful for both instruction and assessment, but also enabling and supporting awareness, idea sharing, discussion, and community for K12 educators.”

Lisa Schmucki, founder and CEO of edWeb.net, added, “This new community builds on the efforts of educators on edWeb who are especially interested in using assessment to personalize and improve student learning.  We’re delighted that Dan Levin and the team at Problem-Attic will be helping to enrich the conversation with a series of free webinars on this topic.”

Educators can join the free Assessment for Learning community on edWeb to stay informed about upcoming webinars, join in discussions with peers and industry experts, and gain access to valuable resources.

For more information, contact: 

Jenifer Morack, Program Director, edWeb.net
609-439-8103 | jenifer@edweb.net

Dan Levin | CEO, EducAide
800-669-9405 | dlevin@educaide.com

About Problem-Attic
Founded in 1990, EducAide Software is one of the leading developers of question banks and related programs for alignment, formatting and delivery in the U.S. and Canada. The mission of EducAide is to bridge the gap between instruction and assessment by providing schools and districts with high-quality, standards-based materials and a publishing system that goes far beyond tests and worksheets. Problem-Attic, developed by the team at EducAide, is a free app of over 115,000 questions in all major subject areas that allows educators to create teaching materials that differentiate instruction, challenge students and create formative assessments. Follow @ProblemAttic1 on Twitter.

About edWeb.net
edWeb.net is a professional social and learning network for the education community that makes it easy to connect and collaborate with colleagues, share information and best practices, and create professional learning communities. edWeb hosts free professional learning communities on key topics in education and won the 2012 Edublog Award for Best Free and Open Professional Development for Educators. edWeb reaches 3.5 million educators in the U.S. through our membership and our partnership with MCH Strategic Data. Learn more at www.edweb.net. Follow @edwebnet on Twitter.