Early Childhood Watch List: Education and Training Requirements

john-hood-100It looks like the education and training requirements for child care providers are going to get more rigorous. According to the presenters at MCH’s October 2013 Early Childhood Marketing Leadership Council meeting, Head Start, states through their regulations, and the federal government through the Child Care and Development Block Grant are all trying to make child care providers more professional. With so much activity from so many directions, it certainly looks likely. So what will the fallout be? Higher degree requirements and more continuing education come with a price. Continuing education requires a continuing commitment of funds or higher expenses. Higher degrees lead to higher salary expectations. Both add up to higher costs to provide child care. Who is going to pay? Parents? Middle class incomes are down close to 10% because of the great recession. Child care is getting more expensive. How will parents pay? And if they can’t pay, how will they be able to keep working? One way or another, it seems that higher educational standards for providers will translate into higher state and federal funding for child care. We’ll be watching to see.