Early childhood Marketing – One size does not fit all

Do you market to Preschools and Daycare centers?  If so, grouping them together and talking to them similarly is a common pitfall that many people make. Early childhood marketing can be tricky. These institutions may appear similar, but they are extremely different when it comes to making purchase decisions.  That said, you cannot apply the same rules or marketing messages to both of these groups and expect similar results.  

Do you know your target audience?  Are you aware of their special needs?  Understanding who to talk to and how they make decisions  will increase your penetration and  lead to better results. Identifying these institutions in your own customer database will allow you to develop a more comprehensive marketing strategy.  

Early Childhood Marketing – Identify the Market 

Stand-alone Centers

  • Decision-makers are different at the local level versus the chain headquarters.  

School-based Center

  • Funding is a key component of school-based centers.  

Church or Congregation  

  • You might want to consider religious-based curriculum.  

Head Start Program

  •  These programs receive federal funds and are geared toward school readiness and increasing parent involvement.  

Home Daycare Centers

  • Almost 80% of these centers have children under the age of 2 which will bring different purchasing needs.

Before and After School Programs

  • These programs mostly supervise children outside of normal school hours.   

After you dig deep and understand your audience, reaching the key decision maker is the next step.  An important first step in early childhood marketing is to identify those different institutions on your customer database or an outside marketing list. As outlined above, this is not a cookie-cutter solution, and aligning your message with correct institution type and the key decision-maker is a critical element for success. 

Using MCH’s database services will allow you to get the most our of your customer database by enhancing it with fresh updated education data.  Contact MCH to learn more about marketing to the early childhood market.